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We know you want a beautiful body and Dr. Soberanes can help you get there by providing you with the safest and highest quality plastic surgery in Tijuana, México, bar none.

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Dr. Sergio Soberanes received his “General Surgeon” Certification (C1) and his Certification for the “Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialty” (A1) on 1996.

He has since then performed over 6,000 plastic surgery procedures. As a distinguished plastic surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico, Dr. Soberanes has evolved the plastic surgery techniques to obtain high praise by thousands of patients and coleagues from Canada, the U.S.A, and Mexico.

Over 6,000 Surgeries Performed Since 1996

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With thousands of satisfied clients, Dr. Soberanes has amassed a legion of fans who continue to recommend him to family and friends for plastic surgery


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24+ Years of Experience

Over 5,000 Satisfied Clients

Over 6,000 Cosmetic Surgeries Performed

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For a doctor who provides affordable mommy makeover plastic surgery, he is truly masterful!

I spent over 4 months getting quotes, researching the doctors and I knew that Dr. Soberanes was my surgeon when I met him at this beautiful clinic in Tijuana. He treats you with the utmost care and attention and truly undestands our needs as mothers and how giving birth can affect our emotional and conficence.
Patty M
I love the way my body looks after the surgery, but the positive feedback I have received from friends and family have also motivated me and transformed me into a new me. All I can really say is thank you Dr. Soberanes for understanding me and for your patience. You are a kind and amazingly skillful plastic surgeon for sure.
Martha A.

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Dr. Sergio Soberanes performs plastic surgery with the most sophisticated instruments, technology, and highly trained staff to ensure that your surgery meets and exceeds the U.S.A. and Canadian medical standards. Plus, you get the added benefit by dealing with a well known, respected and admired plastic surgeon in Tijuana Mexico!

With over 100+ 5-star reviews, and vetted by senior doctors since 1996, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. If Dr. Soberanes can provide you with the results you are looking for he will help you, and if he cannot, he will tell you.

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Privacy Note: We take your privacy very seriously. We do not disclose medical information to relatives, friends, or colleagues. Any photo you submit will only be seen by Dr. Soberanes and his patient coordinator on a need to see basis. Any photos, email, phone number, and other personal identifying information will never be shared to a third parties and will only be released to the actual patient.

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Dr. Soberanes provides safe plastic surgery at his Da Vinci Plastic Surgery Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. Graduated with honors, over 24 years of experience, and an excess of over 6,000 plastic surgery procedures performed since 1996.

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