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Mommy Makeover is the answer to your transformation journey!

Rediscover You: Unveiling the Transformative Benefits of Mommy Makeover

Total Transformation:

Tailored combo of tummy tuck, breast enhancement, and body contouring for a harmoniously revitalized look

Individualized Consultations:

Dr. Sergio Soberanes prioritizes your unique needs, fostering open communication to shape a customized treatment plan.

Boosted Confidence:

Beyond physical change, experience a positive shift in self-esteem, embracing renewed confidence and self-image.

Words From Happy Clients

Hear from hundreds of patients who have received support and care
Robin Morgan
Robin Morgan
I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Dr. Soberanes. I went to him for breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and 360 liposuction. I am beyond happy with my results! Dr. Soberanes was very fast responding to my inquiries pre-surgery and was readily available afterwards as well. I had some post-surgery anxiety with the compression garment, and he was very comforting and reassuring, and checked on me regularly to make sure I was adjusting well. I would highly recommend Dr. Soberanes to anyone. It was a great experience all around!
Luis angel Cortez
Luis angel Cortez
Buenos días o tardes oh talves sea de madrugada cuando leas está review, pero quiero contarles cómo nos fue a mi esposa y a mi con el doctor Sergio Soberanes. Mi esposa y yo Anduvimos viendo muchos cirujanos plasticos ya que no sabiamos a quien acudir. En nuestras mentes siempre avía una Duda de donde quiera que íbamos ya que siempre avía algo que no nos gustaba y nosotros queriamos estar 100% Seguros de que ese sería el lugar corecto ya que se trataba de la vida de mi esposa. Cuando llegamos al consultorio nos explicaron todo detalle por detalle nos enseñaron muchas fotos de trabajos pasados todo lo que se le iba hacer también vimos los implantes que eran nuevos y sellados la clinica estaba muy limpia. Mi esposa y yo nos miramos y luego supimos que aquí era el lugar indicado. Gracias a dios todo salió de Mara villa ya mi esposa se está recuperando de manera sastisfactoria su cuerpo le va quedando mucho mejor de lo que nosotros pensavamos la verdad estamos encantados. Les recomiendo al doctor 100%. Doctor Sergio Soberanes muchas gracias por todo y que dios me lo bendiga siempre 🙏
Steph Sorto
Steph Sorto
I couldn’t even get a hand written quote that is a red flag there. Ladies, make sure to ask for a license!
F. White
F. White
Honesty, Caring, & up-most professional! Who could ask for anything more? I have never done any kind of plastic surgery and I stay away from doctors completely. I have always felt like docs are all about the money and doing as little work as possible. This is not the case with Dr. Sergio Soberanes. He is skilled, patient, understanding, knowledgeable and most of all, takes pride in his work. I sent emails and quotes to multiple offices in December of 2021, but Dr. Sergio Soberanes was the only actual doctor that responded personally. He got the same email that everyone else did, and he responded within a week. I couldn’t believe that it was the actual doctor, so I called the phone number and surprisingly enough, the DOCTOR answered. I thought I would never see this. He took the time to answer ALL my questions and dumb them down for me patiently so that I could understand the answers. I felt like a medical professional after my conversations with him because I actually understood everything he said. I told him my worries, he responded with solutions. I told him I lived 6 hours away and getting time off work would not be easy. He responded with, “We will do the consultation and operation all in one day, just give me 24 hours. I said I could only do it on a Friday, he responded with “Ok, will move stuff around, what time?” and just like that, after talking things over with my husband, who was impressed that I actually felt good about a doctor and spoke highly about him, I showed up at his office. My husband met the doc on the day of the operation and got good vibes from him as well. My husband did all the research and made sure that I was getting the best treatment possible. I couldn’t be happier. I was made to feel comfortable, at ease and rather than feeling pain when my BA was done, I felt happy and excited to see the results. I have super clean incision, barely any scar, and I had a doctor that responded to my every question even after the operation was done. He checked in on me by email and even phone to ensure that I was well. I am super glad that I found Dr. Sergio Soberanes and that he was the one that did my breast enhancement. He listened and took the time to ensure that I was comfortable and at ease. Thank you, Dr. Sergio Soberanes.
Leiya Roland
Leiya Roland
Very skilled surgeon 👍 surgery was quick and recovery time was short. I had breast augmentation and Dr. Soberanes did a wonderful job. Great price for amazing quality. I am super happy with my results 😁 I feel beautiful & more confident now. I highly recommend booking with him
Vickie Pimentel
Vickie Pimentel
Went to Dr. Soberanes for a Mommy Maker over (Breast lift and augmentation, tummy tuck and lipo 360) very happy with my results. Dr. Soberanes has responded to all email very quickly before and after my surgery. Answered all my question and made the whole process seem easy and has made me feel very comfortable. Staff are caring and make sure you are well taken care of. Dr. Soberanes listened to what I was looking to achieve and made recommendations which worked best for my body type. I would definitely recommend Dr. Soberanes to others and will be returning for additional work :)
Sylvie Michaud
Sylvie Michaud
He do more than he have to do !

Heal Yourself With Supportive Care And Treatment

Efficient recovery with customized aftercare plans for a smooth post-operative experience.

Access to state-of-the-art facilities and advanced surgical techniques for optimal results.

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Sergio Soberanes, MD

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Sergio Soberanes received his “General Surgeon” Certification (C1) and his Certification for the “Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialty” (A1) on 1996.

He has since then performed over 6,000 plastic surgery procedures like Facelift, BBL, Breast reduction or Mommy makeovers, Tommy tuck among others.

As a distinguished plastic surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico, Dr. Soberanes has evolved the plastic surgery techniques to obtain high praise by thousands of patients and coleagues from Canada, the U.S.A, and Mexico.

Get to know Dr. Sergio Soberanes, MD, even better.

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